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Holidays Made In Ronda

There is a peculiar mountain range called Serrano de Ronda and at its very centre in a very wide canyon lies Ronda. It is an incredible place to be and is more unique and fascinating than most areas in Spain. Ronda is outstanding in its own right. There is much to achieve if you choose this area for a holiday destination and when you get here, it will be easy to know why it is such a popular place for all holiday makers.

It is a long journey covering some 60 km from the area of Marbella but it sure is worth the time taken. There are some narrow streets on the mountains and it is unbelievable when it all suddenly opens up to Ronda. It is a very wild town that is unique in all aspects. There is nothing in all of Spain that can be compared to this. This is what has always been said about the region.

There is a bridge that starts the experience of the journey to Ronda. It takes your breath away as it is one of a kind. You may choose to travel to the region so as to get a chance to witness this unbelievable bridge that is located in Ronda. It is something that is truly spectacular and totally worth your time.

Ronda is a place where you get multiple experiences. It is not all about the bridge or the amazing way that the place suddenly unfolds, there is much more. Ronda is an area where there is a bullring that is the most spectacular in all of Spain. The bull ring is made in an amazing way with stone only. Major bullfights were held here and they were totally amazing.

There are many buildings within that make the area very interesting. Most of the buildings are from the Moorish era. They help us appreciate the past as we learn a thing or two about the times that were. You can have an amazing time in Ronda exploring and learning about the culture of the past.

It is always a great thrill to go on sightseeing escapades in the region as they are totally rewarding. There is a square located centrally in the area. It has a lot of activities and is lively all the time. There are some restaurants here where you may try out the specialties of the region. It is a good idea to eat here. It is a place to get multiple experiences

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Great Excursions In Burgos

Burgos is one of the most important towns in Spain. It holds a lot of value in the country and actually is a great tourist attraction. It is a place where you can have a quiet holiday and enjoy your time greatly. The town is surrounded by some of the most picturesque villages where you can choose to go for explorations and witness the way of life of the Spaniards.

For excursions in the region, it is always advisable that you work within a package together with likeminded people. This will help you achieve a lot as you will be able to learn at a faster rate. To get the best out of the region, be sure that you actually know a thing or two about Burgos so as to make the experience all the more informative. When you have an idea of what to expect, you will be in a better position to learn and find out all the details that you may have missed during your research.

One of the major attractions is the way of St James. The way of Saint James is a very popular itinerary tour in Spain that many people take every year. Some of the areas to visit are Belorado that has a great square as well as Redecilla Camino. They are both very beautiful areas in the town and should not be missed. On the way of Saint James you will come across many ruins as well as interesting landscapes that will elevate the feelings that you achieve in the region. You will also be able to enjoy literature of the medieval era here.

La Ruta is another route that is very peaceful in the village areas of Burgos. If you want to discover the real Spain especially from the medieval era, you should visit this place and enjoy a quiet holiday all the way. It is a place where you can escape from the crowds and simply be. Here, the areas of interest include Briviesca which has a stone bridge that is very old. There is also a sanctuary not far from here. Another place is Medina de Pomar which is a very beautiful town. In the town there is castle that is placed high on a rock. There is also Alcazar, Hermirage and a monastery here. Frias is another place. It is actually a village from the medieval era where there are many castles as well as palaces.

Last is La Ruta Los Pueblos del Sur. Historically, it holds a lot of importance. Here you will see palaces as well as monasteries. It is a great area to tour.

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Attractions In Burgos

Burgos is a town in Spain with a lot of historical importance. There are many monuments here that will give you an incredibly fantastic time while in the town. If you love history and explorations are your thing, you can never really go wrong in Burgos as you will get a lot of places to tour. In the outskirts of the town, there are the most beautiful villages where you can have great tours.

One of the greatest attractions in Burgos is the cathedral. It is one that opens every day in the mornings to around one and then opens again from four to seven. The building itself dates to the 13th century. It is gothic in kind and many people admire it all around the world. The portal is spectacular. It is a gothic sculpture that is totally fascinating. The cloister is also something to look out for. There is a chapel that was built over the 15th century and it is very unique. The cathedral is one part of town that you do not want to miss.

The Monastery of Hueglas is yet another incredible attraction. The place is open every day except Mondays. The monastery is gothic and very unique in its own way. It is ranked among some of the very important monuments in all of Spain, thus spelling out that it is quite an outstanding piece of architectural work. Here you can see the tombs of Alfonso VIII and his family members. It is a place that should not be missed.

Another attraction is La Casa Del Cordon. It is actually a palace. The architecture is civil and very outstanding in all of Burgos. The portal is very outstanding.

The church called Iglesia Nuestra Senora La Antigua de Gamonal is made in gothic style although the portal is Mudejar. It dates to the 14th century. It is amazing. From the 13th century, there is a gothic church called Iglesia of San Esteban. It lies near Arco of San Esteban which is from the 12th century and is an arc made by the Arabians.

Iglesia de san Gil is from the 14th century and is gothic. There are some incredible chapels such as Los Encinas as well as Los Castro’s. Here you can also explore tombs that are quite artistic. Built between 14th to 16th century is Iglesia de san Lesmes. The tomb of that town’s patron is located here.

Others include the archaeological museum, Purte de Santa Maria which is a door as well as altar from the 16th century located in Iglesia de san Nicolas. All are fantastic places to be in.

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Enjoying the Best of Spanish Fiestas

Spain has a host of delightful fiestas which draw in the crowd throughout the year as the fiestas happen throughout the year. Hence, it is always very festive in Spain with some fiesta being celebrated by the locals. The tourists join in the festivity as if they were the locals with open arms by the locals. The Spaniards love a great celebration anytime; fiestas in Spain can run for several days.

Special fiestas

Salamanca is one of the great Spanish towns which enjoy many traditional festivals throughout the year. The Carnival in Ciudad Rodrigo is celebrated as festively as the famous Sanfermines festival in Pamplona where bulls run through the local town streets to the town bullring. There are plenty of amateur-toreros who are willing to prove their braveness in this event.

The Fiesta del Almendro happens in February at Fregeneda where the blossoming of almond-trees brings hope and joy to the locals. Multitudes come by boat crossing the Duero River which forms the boundary between Spain and Portugal.

Salamanca celebrates Easter Monday in the festival of “Lunes de Aguas” where locals are dressed in middle-aged costumes crossing the river in boats that are beautifully decorated with flowers. Prostitutes who were sent away during Lent would be brought back to the town.

One of the major festivals in Salamanca is Corpus Christi which showcases beautiful processions through the town streets and into the huge town Cathedral to form an amazing sight.

The Ofertorio comes on August 15th every year in honor of the Holy Virgin; the celebration happens at La Alberca when the locals dress up in folklore costumes and regional dresses for a most colorful and festive ambience.

Spanish towns

Different towns and cities of Spain enjoy different types of festivals depending on their customs, folklore and traditions. The rich culture and history of the region impact the fiestas. Madrid holds on with pride a host of live traditions from the celebration of New Year to Christmas.

Thousands of locals and tourists would wait for the stroke of midnight at the town plaza where the tradition to eat twelve grapes before the bell chimes is still being practiced. The whole city of Madrid is a big celebration on New Year’s Eve and day. The three Magi festivity comes on in early January with delightful processions of the country’s religious spirit. Cultural events come on in full costumes and dancing that display the local traditions.

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Interesting Sightseeing Spots through Valencia Excursions

Valencia is a vast region in Spain which has many beautiful spots for the tourists. It is not surprising to have thousands of tourists coming by Valencia every summer for many of the delightful sights offered in a myriad of excursion packages by professional tour operators.

An aerial view of Valencia showcases the region as a sparse and fertile land of greens. It is commonly known as “La Huerta” by the locals where as many as four harvests per year can be reaped with the wonderful weather conditions and rich land.

Excursion options

Valencia offers a plethora of interesting traditional houses that are inhabited by the locals who work the land. These locals are known as Barracas; they live in unique constructions of clay and rush roofs. The more majestic Alquerías manorial homes are also typical Valencian constructions with some gothic influence. One such example is the Alquería del Pi which is located in Burjasot. These unique abodes offer a taste of rich and ancient culture found in Valencia. Then, there are the rich rice plantations across Valencia at Sueca, Sollana and Cullera which reflect the golden color in autumn for a delightful ambience.

One of the popular excursions in Valencia is the visit to La Albufera which is a beautiful lake at the south of Valencia. This tourist spot allows some boating activities with a unique stop at some romantic local fishing villages such as Palmar which offers a most picturesque view of the region.

Sagunto is another favorite Valencia excursion choice with the presence of an ancient Roman theater that is very well conserved until this day. The other presence of an awesome medieval fortress makes this excursion most worthy of time and money.

Town delights

Valencia offers many interesting and quaint towns and cities for a visit. There are lots of ancient and rich historical spots which would thrill the tourists; these include Játiva which conserves its traditional manorial town ambience with an ancient fortress from the medieval era that reflects the best of Spanish history. There are ancient sections of old Iberian walls that reflect the past wars and glory of that place. Nearby is the unique Cova Negra which is one of the ancient pre-historical remains of Valencia.

Huelva is renowned for its fishing industry and active port. The city was made famous by Christopher Columbus who commenced his travels to the new land of America from Palos de la Frontera which is nearby. There exists a monastery where Columbus stayed during his pre-departure.

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